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Sikaporo: An Outstanding Taste of South Sulawesi's Cuisine

Selasa, 20 Februari 2024 - 06:22
Sikaporo: An Outstanding Taste of South Sulawesi's Cuisine Sikaporo of Makassar, South Sulawesi. (Photo: Sri Widyowati/Freepik)

TIMES JATIM, JAKARTA – Sikaporo, an exquisite delicacy hailing from Makassar, takes us on a flavorful exploration of South Sulawesi's culinary legacy. Comprising a blend of rice flour, coconut milk, and eggs, this yellow-green treat is affectionately known as the "bugis cake" due to its delightful sweetness.

Distinguished by its symmetrical petal-shaped design reminiscent of vibrant flowers, Sikaporo stands out as a visual delight. The Makassar specialty can feature a single green layer or a combination of two green and yellow layers, creating a visually appealing harmony with the golden hue of the egg yolk. Whether in one or two layers, Sikaporo caters to diverse palates, making it a versatile and beloved snack.

A Glimpse into History

Initially reserved for the aristocracy, Sikaporo's journey has transformed over time, making it a beloved treat among a broader audience. While it may not be an everyday indulgence, it often graces special occasions such as weddings or welcomes esteemed guests, adding a touch of tradition and festivity.

This evolution reflects the culinary development in Makassar, where traditional recipes are not only preserved but embraced across various societal strata. Sikaporo stands as a testament to the adaptability of South Sulawesi's culinary heritage, blending the old and the new.

Crafting Sikaporo: A Simple Recipe

Recreating this delectable snack requires basic ingredients that elevate its uniqueness. Begin by separating the egg whites and yolks from five fresh eggs. In a separate bowl, concoct a mixture of egg yolks, sugar, coconut milk, salt, egg yolk coloring, and liquid vanilla. Simultaneously, whisk egg whites with sugar, coconut milk, salt, and pandan paste until evenly blended.

The steaming process involves pouring the green batter into a preheated steamer for about 15 minutes until cooked. Follow this by adding the yellow batter on top of the green one and steaming again for approximately 20 minutes until fully cooked. The result? A delightful Sikaporo ready to tantalize taste buds.

Accessible Luxury: Sikaporo's Price Tag

Once considered a rare luxury, Sikaporo has become readily available in major stores throughout Makassar. Priced at around Rp60,000 per tray, this delightful dish offers an enjoyable and affordable option for those seeking the traditional taste of Makassar cuisine.

For those preferring smaller portions, various online platforms now offer mini-packaged Sikaporo, typically priced between Rp10,000 and Rp15,000 per pack. "I love it better with these sizes. Smaller packaging prevent me from waisting more food," Rina, the locall community of Makassar said. 

Sikaporo, with its delightful taste and cultural significance, stands as evidence of the culinary evolution in Makassar. This traditional dish continues to captivate palates, playing a vital role in the rich culinary heritage of South Sulawesi. So, whether enjoyed at a festive celebration or as a cherished treat, Sikaporo remains a testament to the enduring legacy of South Sulawesi's culinary traditions. (*)

Pewarta : Khodijah Siti
Editor : Khodijah Siti

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