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These are the Reasons Why Puzzle Good for You

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2021 - 03:06
These are the Reasons Why Puzzle Good for You Illustration: Playing puzzle with the fams. (PHOTO: theAsianparent)

TIMES JATIM, JAKARTAPuzzle is one fun game to spend your spare time during your holidays. It also stimulates your mental and brain work during the play. It's a great activity you could do for solo or with all your family.

Any range of age from children to the older could play this game for it doesn’t need much effort, it just needs your time and patient. Taken from Hello Sehat these are some benefits of playing puzzle.

Improving your memory

Working on puzzles could improve your memory especially for a short term memory for it could reinforce the connections between our brain cells. Completing one huge jigsaw puzzle will take our brain to remember shapes, sizes, and pieces and visualize everything too make them fit in one to another.

This will give an impact on your memory level. In certain cases it believe to restrain dementia. According to a research by Bronx Aging Study which included 488 people of 75-78 year old with early symptoms of dementia, the more they play puzzle the stronger their memory will be.

Improve your problem-solving skill

Puzzle will challenge you to solve some problem by keeping it piece by piece. It requires you to take different approaches to solve them. You work on it by trial and error, keeping you to search the best alternative that match and fit the piece. It will help you think critically even towards another problem in your life.

Improve your spatial learning

When you start to fir one color to another, one shape to another it will help you to train your spatial learning. This will have a good use when you pack something, or load your grocery to your car or may be when you load your things to your trunk before you doing for holiday. This will make you become some imaginative and creative person.

Make you focus more

Certain kids with ADHD syndrome will be hard to gain some focus. Puzzles could be a good alternative to make them focus on something. You could start with some puzzle with their favorite character or superhero. This will attract them to focus and get their goals i.e seeing their favorite character in piece.  (*)

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