Indonesian Diaspora in Istanbul Plays a Role in the Success of the 2024 Election

Senin, 12 Februari 2024 - 17:56
Indonesian Diaspora in Istanbul Plays a Role in the Success of the 2024 Election The Indonesian diaspora took a moment after the election. (11/2/2024). (Photo: YBB)

TIMES JATIM, JAKARTA – The Indonesian community in Istanbul and its surrounding areas have emerged as pivotal players in the success of the 2024 election. This shows the significance of diaspora engagement in national affairs.

The Conrad Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul transformed into a bustling polling station on Sunday (11/02/2023). Due to thisoccasion, Indonesian voters convened with hopes pinned on a process adhering to the core tenets of democratic elections: direct, general, free, secret, honest, and fair (LUBER JURDIL).

In this electoral landscape, the Indonesian diaspora wielded the right to cast their votes not only for the President and Vice President but also for Members of the Regional Representative Council (DPR). They also representing the Jakarta 2 Constituency, which spans Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Selatan, and overseas regions.

Facilitated by the Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) in Istanbul, supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in Istanbul, meticulous attention was devoted to ensuring that each phase of the electoral process adhered to a transparent legal framework.

PPLN Istanbul executed a tripartite approach for the 2024 election, embracing the TPS (polling station), KSK (village-level election committee), and Pos (mail-in) methods. These methodologies provided avenues for the Permanent Voter List (DPT), comprising 3157 eligible voters, to exercise their franchise in Istanbul.

Notably, the TPS method alone witnessed a staggering 2436 registered voters in Istanbul, underscoring the community's fervent engagement.

Aldi Subakti, Chairperson of PPLN Istanbul, expressed profound appreciation for the robust participation of the Indonesian diaspora in the Marmara region (Istanbul and environs) during the 2024 election.

"The remarkable enthusiasm, epitomized by the involvement of 1059 voters, paved the way for a tranquil and unimpeded electoral process. We extend our utmost gratitude to all voters who actively contributed to the success of the election, as well as to those who labored diligently and zealously to ensure its seamless conduct," he affirmed.

The resounding participation of the Indonesian diaspora in Istanbul resonates as a testament to their unwavering commitment to shaping the democratic trajectory of their homeland. As the global diaspora continues to assert its influence in national arenas, the 2024 election stands as a beacon of diaspora empowerment and its indispensable role in fostering inclusive and robust democratic processes.(*)

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